Shafston Great House - ECO Plan:

How this development differentiates from other housing developments (click on any of the following links to read more...):
There is going to be no connection to the usual grid, electricity will be generated by solar and wind. Later we plan to connect the single systems to smart grid. Meaning that fluctuations in personal consumption can be buffered by allowing the use of not used energy from other households.
Water will be caught from every roof and stored in holding tanks, although there will be a water supply for the fire hydrants, but this will be used only as a back-up in case someone runs out of water.
Waste water will either not even exist through the use of Compost Toilets or it will be used to produce Methane for cooking purposes with BioDigesters..
Solid waste will be avoided by encouraging people to shop using proper carrying bags instead of plastic bags and such. We are also going to try and produce as much of the food on our developing organic farm, thus again eliminating the use of disposable plastic bags.
We are going to encourage builders to use non toxic building materials as far as possible.
In the long term we are going to use electric vehicles that will be charged by solar power.
Land prices are very moderate compared to other local land prices. This is to make space for the extra costs which will be needed to buy solar panels, inverters, compost toilets and such. We do discourage people who are not interested in a sustainable future to buy land in this development.

The land, due to the gentle slope it is set on, ensures that all lots have the most fantastic views that the south shore of Jamaica offers. All year round terrific sunsets over the ocean.